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A Vitally Important Announcement

from Community Healthcare Foundation!


Vi-tal Signs: n. clinical measurements, specifically pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure, that indicate the state of a patient's essential body functions. A patient's vital signs are the very first diagnostics a medical professional will take to assess the patient’s health.


At Community Hospital - Fairfax taking a patents' vitals is as easy as rolling a cart to the patient... unless all the carts are in use. Currently, CH-F has a limited number of carts to circulate among 18 patient beds, Surgery, ER, Outpatient Clinic, Radiology, Cardiac Rehab, and Physical Therapy. 

With the generous help of friends like YOU, Community Healthcare Foundation would like to purchase more vitals signs monitors for the CH-F patient rooms! For every $1,000 donated, we will be able to equip one room with its very own vitals signs monitor.  

Monitors in each patient room will:

  • Enable CH-F to increase infection control.
  • Increase the level of service we provide to our patients by making vitals easier, faster and more convenient to take.
  • Allow us to take vitals on more patients at one time.

Thank you for considering a donation to this worthy cause. Community Healthcare Foundation is excited to share this GoFundMe campaign and provide a new way for supporters to be involved in purchasing vitally important equipment for CH-F.