Annual Appeal

To our faithful supporters:

During this time of year we reflect on the past with gratitude for you. We also excitedly anticipate all that the next year offers and ask humbly for your support in helping us shape a bright future for our hospital and community.

We humbly ask that you consider a donation in support of our campaign. We offer the following giving options:

  • Gold Shield Club Member-A donation of $500 or more in one sum.
  • Cornerstone Club Member-A donation of $100 to $499 in one sum.
  • Birthday Club Member-A donation of $64 ($1 for each year of the hospital’s age.)
  • Friend of Community Hospital-Fairfax-Any amount donated below $99.

Donations to Community Hospital-Fairfax are tax-deductible and checks can be made payable to Community Hospital-Fairfax and returned in the enclosed envelope to PO Box 107, Fairfax, MO 64446 or delivered to the Development Office. If you would prefer to make your donation online, please see the instructions on the enclosed newsletter.

We thank you again for being a friend to the hospital. Words cannot properly describe our gratitude for your support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kris Umbarger at (660) 686-2350 with any questions.