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2016 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan

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Community Health Needs Assessment

2013 Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan

Community Hospital-Fairfax Releases 2019 Community Needs Assessment Survey

Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) is releasing the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment. The survey is available online HERE or on social media channels.

This survey is an effort by Community Hospital-Fairfax to determine what the health needs are in the community and how the hospital can adapt to meet those needs. CH-F hopes that the community response will be great and that surveys will be returned this spring. After which, CH-F will compile the results into a report that will outline how CH-F will meet the needs. The report will be widely distributed in June of 2019.

This is the third Community Health Needs Assessment survey released by CH-F. The first survey was completed in 2013. From this effort, CH-F initiated several activities to better meet the health needs of the community. Those included free health screenings and increased mental health services.

“We are looking forward to this survey to learn how we might continue to grow and evolve to meet the changing health needs of our community. The input of community members is critical to this process” Ann Schlueter, COO at CH-F, described.

Why take the time to fill out the survey? The reasons are simple. Data tells us that our community is not as healthy as it has the potential to be.  As a community, it is critical that we determine what barriers to good health exist causing this to occur. This survey will help all of us discover how we can help each other live healthier lives.

The survey takes about 10  minutes and can be submitted online HERE.


Community Health Needs Assessment


Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) is proud to present the Community Health Needs Assessment for Atchison and Holt County. The report is available at the link to the left. If you would like a hard copy, call (660) 686-2317.

The needs assessment is the product of research, focus groups and a community wide survey conducted from January to June 2016. The goal of the assessment was to determine what the greatest health needs were in the community and how Community Hospital-Fairfax can best meet those needs.

This is the second Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by Community Hospital-Fairfax. The first assessment was released in 2013. 

The 2016 assessment has indicated that the greatest health needs in Atchison and Holt County population are for more mental health services, primary care access, ability to pay for care and preventive health. The three year implementation plan was approved by the CH-F Board of Directors on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

"We are very excited about the direction the Community Health Needs Assessment has provided for us. We look forward to the new projects and directives that will help us better meet the needs of our community" commented Roger Steinkruger, CEO.

Community Hospital-Fairfax wishes to thank everyone that participated in this process over the last year. Focus group members, those that completed the survey and the CH-F staff that contributed ideas and support to the process are all greatly appreciated.

Questions about the assessment, plan or process may be directed to Ann Schlueter at (660) 686-2317 or anns@FairfaxMed.com