Click here to visit Medicare's Hospital Compare Website. Community Hospital-Fairfax outperforms state and national averages as well as neighboring hospitals in patient satisfaction.

Medicare’s Hospital Compare website shows CH-F patient satisfaction higher than the state and national average and neighboring hospitals. When CH-F patients are asked if they would recommend the hospital, CH-F leads the state and national average and neighboring hospitals by 10% points.

CH-F has been surveying patients for over three years. Feedback from patients is then used to improve care. Pain control and discharge instructions are two areas where improvement projects have been developed as a result of patient input.

Continued participation of patients in this process is one reason that CH-F continues to excel.

Sam Grist RN, Med Surge and ER Nurse Manager, explains, “We place special emphasis on listening to our patients. We have recently added follow up phone calls to patients as an effort to learn more about our patients’ experience.”

To view Community Hospital-Fairfax’s patient satisfaction scores and compare CH-F with neighboring hospitals, visit