Some of the newer COVID-19 treatments require outpatient infusions. CH-F has developed an infusion center which is separate from other patient care areas.

CH-F has converted an extra room in the exterior part of the Emergency Room to our COVID-19 testing headquarters. 

CH-F is in the process of constructing a temporary wall in the patient care areas. The wall assists with PPE preservation and provides further separation between patient populations.

Full PPE is required to keep our healthcare team safe. Ashlee Driskell, RN and Director of Nursing and Jackie Martin, RN, bundle up to test individuals in the colder temperatures.

Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) Adapts to COVID-19 Surge: Adds Treatment Options and Alters Patient Rooms

Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) has introduced significant changes to provide treatment to patients with COVID-19. Since November 1, 2020, half of all inpatient beds are dedicated to COVID-19 patients. Local access to all possible COVID-19 treatments and appropriate settings for treatment have become critical as referral hospitals in surrounding cities face record volumes and bed availability for transfer is limited.

While there is no cure for COVID-19, there are treatments available that have received emergency authorization and may assist in better outcomes for patients. The medical team at CH-F has worked very hard to secure and implement these treatments.

 “When we began to see our referral hospitals experience bed shortages, we knew we needed to add all available treatment options for COVID-19 here at our hospital. Our team pulled together in a matter of days to secure these treatments. Each new treatment has required significant effort by our staff to safely and appropriately administer during a time when we are caring for a record number of patients. It has truly been a remarkable effort,” explained Aron Burke M.D., Chief Medical Officer.

New treatments for COVID-19 at CH-F include Remdesvir, convalescent plasma and mononuclear antibody treatment. All these options have very specific indications for use and are restricted to certain patient populations. Decisions to use these treatment options are made by the medical team at CH-F and may vary.

In addition to adding treatment options as soon as they become available, CH-F has made several changes to the physical building to better accommodate individuals with COVID-19. These changes include converting inpatient rooms to negative pressure and emergency room space to a testing and infusion center. These efforts have allowed the hospital to segregate COVID-19 patients from individuals without the disease and provide care in a safer setting.

“Our ability to quickly adapt to the changing COVID-19 environment is a credit to our amazing staff. They are absolutely committed to providing the very best care to those with COVID-19 and those who need emergent and routine care that is not related to COVID-19. While this is certainly our most difficult time we have faced, there is certainly much to be proud of” described Julie Jones, CEO.

In addition to serving COVID-19 patients, CH-F continues to provide the medical care that the community needs. At this time, few services have had to be disrupted although re-allocation of staff and resources is often required. The community’s continued patience is appreciated.

“We are honored to serve our community during one of its most difficult times, but we also see and experience this disease daily in a way that many of you never will. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during this time of increased community transmission by following guidelines provided by your local public health authority” commented Aron Burke M.D., Chief of Staff.

To learn more about COVID-19 testing or to access a symptom checker, visit Follow for COVID-19 safety information.