Richard "Pude" Jackson is Back on the Treadmill and the Combine

 Two years ago, rural Craig resident, Richard "Pude" Jackson, was a very different man than today. Recovering from open heart surgery, returning home from a three week stint in an Omaha hospital and feeling extremely weak, he could not imagine a time when he would be behind the wheel of a combine again.  It was then that Dr. Aron Burke took one look at him and recommended he enroll in the CH-F Cardiac Rehab program.

 "When Pude came into Cardiac Rehab for the first time, he was using a walker. I watched as he became stronger and walked in one day with a cane. By the time he graduated from the program, he walked out on his own," commented Jackie Martin, RN and Cardiac Rehab Nurse.

 Pude attended Cardiac Rehab over a 12 week period with 36 sessions. During this time, he learned how to use the treadmill and strengthen his arms. He also changed his eating habits substantially. He lost 20 pounds over the three months he was enrolled in the program.


After graduating from Cardiac Rehab, Pude did not stop with the transformation. He began walking two times a day for 30 minutes on the treadmill.  In the summer, he adds a quarter mile walk outside and sometimes uses his stationary bike as well. He has continued to lose weight and his wife, Pat, has joined him in the new healthy lifestyle.

 Even though he continued to make strides with his health, Pude was still experiencing weakness in his left arm after the surgery. Once again, he turned to CH-F for help and began receiving physical therapy for his arm. Today, he feels better than ever.

 "I'm 67 years old and this fall my neighbor asked if I could run his combine. I wasn't sure that I could, but I ended up putting 137 hours behind the wheel over two weeks. That is something I never thought I'd do again" Pude shared.

 Today, Pude sees Dr. Ryan Whitney in the CH-F Cardiac Outpatient Clinic. His last report was glowing.

 Dr. Aron Burke, Pude's Primary Care Physician, is proud of what Pude has accomplished, "Pude is an excellent example of someone who took what was learned in Cardiac Rehab and applied it to his life. His health has taken a significant turn for the better in the last two years."

 For questions about Cardiac Rehab, please contact Jackie Martin RN at (660) 686-2211 or

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