Delbert and his therapist, Jay Stanton, DPT

Delbert Chestnut Gets Back on the Dance Floor after Physical Therapy at Community Hospital-Fairfax

Delbert Chestnut first came to Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) Rehabilitation Services for physical therapy after having a heart value replaced in April of 2020.  The surgery had caused Delbert to feel weak and have poor endurance. Delbert had physical therapy for two weeks to improve his strength as he waited to begin cardiac rehab classes, also at Community Hospital-Fairfax.

Getting to know his therapists during these visits, Delbert inquired about the hip and neck pain that he had been experiencing for years.  After discussing his pain with the therapy team and his primary care doctor, Dustin Carpenter M.D., Dr. Carpenter recommended additional physical therapy.

Delbert had four visits over two weeks where he worked with the therapy team to increase strength and mobility. He also learned exercises to help with his specific issues and received dry needling treatments.

After the two weeks, Delbert had complete resolution of his symptoms.

"My neck is 100% better. I can drive now without having to turn my shoulders. I can even do my waltz with ease. You got me moving. Most importantly, you gave me exercises to keep my mobility. I personally think utilizing a chiropractor to get joints moving then seeing therapy to learn exercises to keep things moving is a great combination. If I started to have aches during the day, I can use what I learn to decrease my symptoms. This limits the number of doctors’ visits." 

If you think that therapy may assist you with pain, help you to regain mobility and strength or recover from a surgery, talk with your primary care provider or call (660) 686-2334.