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New Technology and Skills Aid Healing in the CH-F Rehab Services Department

Community Hospital-Fairfax Rehab Department is making use of new technology to speed up the healing process.

Jay Stanton, PT recently demonstrated Game Ready, a cold compression therapy device, to the CH-F Medical Staff. Game Ready is a device that combines compression with cooling temperatures to aid in healing. Rather than using traditional ice buckets or bags of peas, the Game Ready device offers localized compression and cooling to encourage blood flow and tissue healing. Therapists use Game Ready for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries including ankle sprains and post-op knee and shoulder surgeries.

Kelsi Holthus, OT, recently joined the CH-F Rehab Services Team. Along with traditional occupational therapy services, Kelsi has the ability to make splints for the hand and wrist that are specialized to the patient’s need. Patients experiencing injuries or pain due to surgeries, breaks/sprains, or arthritis can benefit from the use of splints.

“We are very focused on helping our patients recover as quickly as possible. Sometimes that requires creative solutions such as using Game Ready or our splint program. It is very exciting and rewarding to see these new processes make such a positive difference in our patient’s lives” explains Rehab Services Director Shannon Pruitt, PT.

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