Patient Gives West Nodaway Family Medicine a Try, Finds Healthcare Home

Connie Lininger had not planned on changing providers. Pleased with her care from a St. Joseph physician, the news of a clinic opening in Burlington Junction initially did not persuade her to make a change. As the miles began to accumulate as she traveled out of the region for healthcare, she decided to give the new Community Hospital-Fairfax West Nodaway Family Medicine Clinic a try.

“I admit that I wasn’t all that gung-ho in the beginning. But when I stopped by the clinic for a meet and greet, I found the staff knowledgeable and professional. Shortly after we made the change to that clinic” explained Connie.

When a new diagnosis in her family caused a sudden increase in the use of healthcare services, Connie and her husband found themselves seeking additional care in the hospital setting. They chose Community Hospital-Fairfax.

“I have not experienced every department at Community Hospital-Fairfax, but from the departments that we have used I have come to believe that Community Hospital-Fairfax hires individuals not just for their clinical knowledge, but also for their ability to be caring and nurturing. Every time we walk in the door we are greeted we experience smiles, courteous and caring staff. Even a pleasant scent greets us when we walk in the main doors! Truly, they work to take all your fears away.” shared Connie.

Connie continued, “I hope that wherever anyone chooses to receive care that they have the opportunity to experience a small part of what we receive every time we visit Community Hospital-Fairfax.

Community Hospital-Fairfax West Nodaway Family Medicine is located on Main Street in Burlington Junction and can be reached at (660) 725-3365. For more information on Community Hospital-Fairfax services or clinics visit or call (660) 686-2211.