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Community Hospital-Fairfax Family Medicine Clinics Now Offering Virtual (Telehealth) Visits

April 13, 2020-Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) Family Medicine Clinics continues to provide primary care during the COVID-19 situation. Clinics have implemented screening processes and other guidance from the CDC to increase safety for patients and staff.

CH-F Family Medicine Clinics have also developed a process to offer virtual visits. Virtual visits are often referred to as telehealth, telemedicine or video visits.  Virtual visits, telehealth, telemedicine and video visits are terms used to describe how providers can take care of patients by using the technology available through a smart phone.

To schedule a virtual visit, patients must contact their provider’s office. At that time, instructions about how to set up and log into the appointment will be given. Co-pays and deductibles will apply for these visits.

Other changes have occurred in clinics to accommodate provider schedules during this time. Please continue to visit www.FairfaxMed.com for changes.