Obstetric Care


Marcee Dougan, RN, is the CH-F Obstetrics Nurse. Above she is giving away free samples at the CH-F Me Market event for women.

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Community Hospital-Fairfax’s Obstetrics Department is recognized by  many in the community for its dedication to personal care for the entire family. Our compassionate, experienced nursing staff provides teaching and support for both parents and baby. Our care starts before delivery and carries on whenever you need us.

What Do We Provide for OB Patients?

Quarterly Newsletter

Tours of the OB Facility at your request

Post deliver home visits

DVDS about delivery, breast feeding and newborn care

One-on-one care with our OB nurse

A copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" given to each mother upon discovering her pregnancy.

Two private, specialized labor and delivery suites with a pull out bed for fathers or family members.


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