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Community Hospital-Fairfax has implemented a patient survey program to help us better understand the experience our patients have at our facility. A few weeks after receiving care at the hospital, patients will receive a survey from NRC Picker. This survey helps us to measure the quality of care received by our patients.

You are the reason that we are here and it is vitally important to us to understand how we are meeting your expectations of providing excellent patient and family care. We know you are busy but please take a few minutes to honestly answer the questions and drop the completed questionnaire back in the mail.

The initiatl results of the satisfaction surveys have arrived and we are pleased to share the results with you:


Community Hospital-Fairfax Celebrates Highest Customer Satisfaction in Region and Surpasses State and National Averages


For over 60 years, Community Hospital-Fairfax staff has welcomed newborns, mended broken bones, and witnessed families rejoicing in the recovery of loved ones. There is no greater satisfaction than giving our patients a clean bill of health. Now, the tables have turned and our patients have been given the opportunity to give Community Hospital-Fairfax a check-up. Through patient satisfaction surveys, Community Hospital-Fairfax is learning how our patients feel about the care they receive and the results make us proud.

According to, the official website for Medicare, CH-F patients are more satisfied than patients using services at neighboring hospitals. On surveys, patients report "YES" they would definitely recommend this hospital at rates higher than neighboring hospitals. Additionally, patients are ranking CH-F with a 9 or a 10 on a 10 point scale more often than all surrounding hospitals.

Not only can CH-F celebrate great customer service on a regional level, but on both the "would you recommend and how would you rank questions," CH-F numbers were higher than both the state and national averages!

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a nationwide survey used by all hospitals in the nation.  The HCAHPS survey is the first standardized, publicly reported survey of patients' perspectives of hospital care. The survey asks discharged patients to rate their care experience and overall rating of the hospital and would they recommend the hospital to family and friends, among other questions.

CH-F gets a more complete picture of what is happening at the hospital and can target improvements in different departments when it uses HCAHPS, explained hospital CEO, Myra Evans.

"We appreciate every patient that returned a survey and are so pleased with our patients’ positive feedback. We have made it our mission to be available to our community in all aspects of healthcare, and that means both their physical well being and listening to our patients’ needs with a compassionate ear.” Evans said.

The survey gives patients peace of mind that their opinions are heard and also gives Community Hospital-Fairfax the feedback its staff needs to develop ways to improve the patient experience.

(Statistics gathered from Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, a national system that ask patients about their experience during a hospital stay. Check it out at

FAQs about "We're Listening" Surveys:

1. Why is the survey so long? CH-F wants the most complete picture of your experience as possible. Detailed surveys help us to measure many aspects of the patient experience from the cleanliness of the facility, to the noise level to the ease of scheduling of your appointments. These specific questions help us to target our improvement planning.
2. Why did CH-F adopt this new survey process? CH-F is committed to making your experience at our hospital exceed your expectations in every way. The new survey is the best tool we have for better understanding the patient experience. We need feedback to fulfill our commitment to our patients.
3. Are the survey’s anonymous? Answers to survey questions received by CH-F are aggregate, meaning your answers are combined with all other survey participants and cannot be tied to your care at CH-F.
4. What does CH-F do with the feedback? Patient feedback from these surveys is reviewed frequently. When a trend appears, it is addressed. For example, new customer service training program is currently being developed based on a patient’s feedback.

For questions about your survey, feel free to contact Ann Schlueter at (660) 686-2317 or learn more at